What Program Makes a Disk Menu???

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What Program Makes a Disk Menu???

I know how to make a ProDos 5.25 Disk and to add Files to it, but what I need to know is what do I copy to the disk, or what I do to setup a Disk Menu. So on bootup you can choose from file A B C D or 1 2 3 4 and so on. I have seen allot of different styles of Auto Boot menus on disks I have bought, but I have no idea where to get one so I can make my own or how to set it up. I am wanting to make my own disk compilations and think I got it mostly figured out, but have no idea how to make or get a menu for it. They way I got it working now is you have to type BRun and then the filename, but I would much rather it be an easy to use Auto Boot Menu you can just select from like Beautiful Boot and others. Any information on how to do so is very much appreciated! Thanks! ~Drew

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ProDos Startup Menu Launcher

A simple way to launch a program on a ProDos disk is to have Basic.System in it and add a Basic file named STARTUP which should automatically run upon boot (like HELLO for Dos 3.3). Otherwise you can try some well-known launcher programs for ProDos like ProSel by Glen Bredon, which is really neat. There's also Apple's MouseDesk or Apple II Desktop which has GUI but takes up disk space since it was intended for a hard drive install. Good luck! ~Chris 2Eor2C

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