Cards, Cards, and more Cards.

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Cards, Cards, and more Cards.

Baskets full of expansion cards ( Not BIG baskets, lol )have shown up on eBay the last few days.
AE and other manufacturers' 1.5 Meg Memory cards, 1 Meg memory cards, RGB cards, ROM cards, Accelerators, Controllers, modems, etc.
They all have reasonable starting bids associated with them and they all seem to be in pretty good shape. Some are just the cards (with or without associated cables) and some come complete in the box with software.
It's a good time to look for expansion cards if you are in the market, or have a wish list to be filled.

Everyone Have a Merry Christmas!

Steven Smile

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Yup! Noticed that myself! Snagged a Mouse Card
for my Apple //e!

Get 'em while you can because this stuff runs
in spurts.

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