What's the Pride and Joy of your Apple II collection

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What's the Pride and Joy of your Apple II collection

I know it is hard to say out loud which child you like the best, but I'm sure almost all of us have a favorite. If not a favorite, at least the most unique or even valuable. What is the pride and joy of your Apple II collection, if you had to pick one?

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My complete Apple IIc. It is

My complete Apple IIc. It is just so tiny, and it sits there on my desk looking so cool next to my giant 19" CRT. Plus it was the only Apple II I ever paid for, minus my Apple RGB monitor for my IIgs. It cost me over $100 including shipping for the machine, monitor, stand, printer cable, external floppy, and brick on a leash. But it was worth it. Now all I need is another printer cable/serial cable for the other port to hook it to my desktop, as the other one is hooked in to the Imagewriter, and it is too much a pain to swap it around constantly.

If I ever get the IIgs up to par, it would probably be the pride of the fleet. It's got a good start with the monitor, plus it is a ROM 3 with a Woz edition top case. All I need is a SCSI card or CFFA card, but I would prefer the former, as I have a couple external drives for it.

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My Apple ][e

My aunt & uncle bought our family's Apple ][e in 1983. About six years ago, my aunt was cleaning out her closet and asked, "CW, do you want this old thing?" I had to replace the third-party monitor and throw out the dot-matrix printer, but the machine and dual floppy drives still work flawlessly.

A couple years ago I went to an education tech conference here in Des Moines, where Woz was the keynote speaker. I took the "lid" from my ][e and Woz autographed it for me. You might say it's a bit of a Woz edition, too.

I've programmed a few games in BASIC for my daughter to play. She gets a kick out of using such an "antique."

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My Apple ][ Plus.. ( Woz auto

My Apple ][ Plus.. ( Woz autographed ).. Its 30 years old and runs off of compact flash and has internet access.. Now if I could only get my AppleCat Modems up and running again..


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The Apple II Jef Raskin used at IAI

A couple years ago, I was lucky enough to acquire the Apple II that Jef Raskin used at Information Appliance in developing the Swyft and Canon Cat software.

The two Apple keys and space bar have been changed in size to allow Leap keys.

It included his SwyftCard firmware and key labels. The wood palmrest is the prototype for a patent. Note the hole as a carry handle.

This computer came with a System II monitor stand with power and lock/key as well as Jef's dual joysticks used with is simulator for RC aircraft (he was an award winning RC acrobatic flyer). Also included were desk copies of a couple of manuals for graphics tablets and graphics software.

Pictures are here if interested:

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I have 3 IIgs units. The n

I have 3 IIgs units.

The nicest one is a ROM 3, Transwarp IIgs, Apple SCSI card, 8MB RAM card, 2 3.5" and 2 5.25" drives along with the original keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

Nice unyellowed system and GS/OS is usable, kind of like an Apple II mac. Makes me wonder what Apple could have done if they kept developing the 8 bit line.

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Apple IIc with LCD

While my II+ systems have the most sentimental value due to the fact that they are a good imitation of my first computer ever, I think my pride and joy is my IIc with LCD AND Prairie Power pack. The IIc has a 1 mb expansion card in it, the LCD is a C-Vue, and the Prairie Pack is in mint condition as well. The only thing with the Prairie Pack is that I am ordering the replacement battery (battery dead after 25 years). Once it is all up and working I will be able to say I have one of the first ever "portable" computers, requiring NO wall plug in!! I am excited to see it fully standing alone on the battery pack. I'll be sure to post some pictures soon.


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Hmm , that's a good questio

Hmm , that's a good question. I think I have a couple of favorite systems here. One is my Apple II+ with a modified Non-autostart F-8 Rom :O) Second is my mint condition Apple IIc+ which is awsome in itself! If I had a land line here at the house I would hook up my Applecat w/212 card to see if it works and run some awsome programs like The Cat's Meow V :O) But overall my II+ is the sheet! It runs perfectly still and its a blast running all my old floppies still! I have converted so many floppies to .dsk with this rig that it's un-real! Plus my enhanced //e is alot of fun also , just running Wizardry and Ultima III is awsome!


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