Pro AudioSpectrum 16

16-Bit Sound System for the Macintosh

PAS16 - box

From the box, dated 1992:

"The Pro AudioSpectrum 16 Mac is the state-of-the-art in audio enhancement for your Apple Macintosh computer. Available in LC and NuBus configurations, this audio adapter delivers 16-bit stereo digital audio recording and playback to 44.1 KHz, built-in MIDI in and out ports, and a 4-channel software controllable input mixer. These features coupled with it's CD quality sound - and bundled software makes the Pro AudioSpectrum 16 the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art sound solution available today. Hear your Mac like never before!"

Technical specifications:

Signal Quality (1V RMS Reference)

[*]Sample Rate (16bit PCM)

  • 2-44.1 KHz Programmable Frequency (step size < 1 KHz)

[*]Dynamic Range and Signal to Noise
  • Synthesized Mixed Audio: -75 dB
  • Sampled Audio (PCM): -85dB

[*]Frequency Response
  • 20Hz-20KHz (3/-3dB)

  • 4Hz-20KHz Programmable

[*]Volume Control (Programmable in steps with adjustment of left and right channels)
  • Master Volume: 0 to 80dB (2dB/step)
  • Mixer: +3 to 12dB

[*]Audio Mixing
  • 4-input stereo audio mixing with independent left/right channel control

[*]System Inputs/Outputs
  • 4-line-level inputs
  • Microphone input
  • Dual RCA line-level outputs
  • Mini stereo headphone output
  • MIDI (1 input, 1 output)
  • Standard joystick, 15-pin

[*]Volume Control
  • Master Volume: 0 to 62 dB (1dB/step)
  • Input Mixer +1 to 60 dB (2dB/step)

PAS16 - patch panel

The 15 pin port at the top is for connection of a PC joystick. The PAS16 drivers allowed the joystick to emulate the mouse.

There are three connectors arranged triangularly. The black one at the top is for headphones. The other two are stereo out. To the right of these is MIDI in and MIDI out. Below these are two row of four connectors. These are four channels of stereo in. In the bottom right is the microphone in.

PAS16 - board

The board.

PAS16 - manuals

The PAS16 shipped with the expensive SoundEdit Pro software and Trax, MIDI software.

PAS16 - headphones

Oddly, the PAS 16 also included a set of inexpensive headphones.

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Oddly Enough, I Can't Get MIDI TO Work. If Someone Can Help Me, It Will Be Appreciated! Wink

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Do you still have any of these as of today, Tom?

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On a random note, the first PC soundcard I owned was an ISA PAS 16. Those didn't come with the nifty breakout box but did include a SCSI controller. ;^b

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I've got one exactly like this as a backup for my NuBus PAS 16 from waaaayyyy back in the DuoBoomBoxDockHack™ days! It still has sealed, NIB, software and headphones too! I just opened the wrapper and peeked at the LC card a few times back then.

Did you get yours in "The Great Shreve Blowout" when I got mine, Tom? IIRC, I bought more than one, but I looked just now and could only manage to get my grubby lil' paws on one.

jt =8-/