ACI Manual typesetting completed – see pics

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ACI Manual typesetting completed – see pics



after having completed the typesetting of the Operation Manual and Preliminary Basic Users Manual, there was only one thing left to do: The Cassette Interface Manual. Compared to the other two, this was a rather easy task, only the drawing was a bit challenging to re-create. But with the help of some clever software this turned out really nice in the end.

Here are the (low-res) JPG files of the finished work. Of course, the PDFs are of flawless quality, so will be the reprints I intend to create from the whole set (all three manuals, plus the first full page advertising from 1976).


In about two weeks from now (the printers struggle a bit with the fold-out section of the Operation Manual) I hope to have the printed copies with me. I will give updates on how to get ahold of them for people interested.






PS: I know that there is already a type-set version of the manual out there online. But I wanted my version to be as "true" to the original as possible. The existing version uses other typefaces than the original and has quite a few typos (probably from un-edited OCR).



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Awesome Job!

Awesome Job!  Thanks for sharing your work on this.  Much appreciated by all.

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Hi retroplace_1

Thank you! I'll keep it with me.

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