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Dear Apple-1 builders:


Bringing up many Apple-1 builds in the past eight months, I found it helpful to have a keyboard emulator cable in lieu of a real keyboard. The emulator may have an auto-typing feature so you don't need to type in the same diagnostics programs again and again and again. 


I finally have found the time to put together instructions / plans on how to make such a keyboard emulator cable. I have built two based on these plans to a) snap photos and b) prove the plan has no bugs.


This is the keyboard emulator cable in action:



Here is the downside: I'm an old retired guy and I use old and ancient retired hardware and software. The plans come with the keyboard emulator software source code but it compiles under Microsoft C7.00 and runs under DOS. You also need a notebook computer (or a laptop) or similar of no later than 1990s vintage, because you need a standard DB-25 printer port into which the emulator cable plugs in. I have no doubt that some smart people lurking here on this forum could take these informations and make versions that run under Linux or even on the Raspberry Pi, which would be great. 

If you do so, please post the results here in this thread.

And, all the attached stuff is placed in the public domain, so you can do with it as you wish !