Apple-1 Single Cycle Operations

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Apple-1 Single Cycle Operations

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you my latest 6502/Apple-1 project, hoping it will be of interest and inspiration.

Have you ever wanted to observe the 6502 running a program in real time, with single clock cycle accuracy, out of pure curiosity or for educational purposes?Would you like to see with your eyes the boot sequence, or what happens when playing with IRQ, NMI vectors, stack, etc.?More: have you ever been frustrated because your Assembly program just doesn't work the way you want it to, and you can't find the problem?Do you want to see what is going on the Data/Address buses but don't have a logic analyzer?

The Apple-1-Stepper allows you to slow down and even stop the execution of instructions by the 6502 without disrupting DRAM content and video signal generation.

All information (including Opcodes decode) and commands are available LCD display and USB terminal.

The USB terminal can also function as a datalogger, remote keyboard, and more.

The project is open-source, the link to the documentation is in the video description.

Enjoy! :-)