Books on Apple II (and others)

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Books on Apple II (and others)
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New member here.

I was wondering if someone might know anything about the books below which we found while decluttering? What are they, what are its significance (if any), etc.?

I did a search earlier for Fred White (the author of one of the books) to know more about him, but wasn't sure which of the results besides the ones that come up on Amazon but with incomplete biography, was him.

Also, the Applesoft Tutorial book is unlike those I see online, most of which are spiral bound while mine is paperback.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance.



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Back in the day a guy I knew

Back in the day a guy I knew from Hong Kong would bring in books like that Applesoft tutorial.  They were soft cover versions of the books Apple normally supplied as spiral bound.  The ones he was selling were counterfiet knock-offs.  They were popular with people who owned clones because they usually got little to no books with them.  I can't say for sure what you've got are those, but they sure look like the ones I remember from back in the day.


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Lon Poole's et al. "Apple II

Lon Poole's et al. "Apple II User's Guide" is a well known book, so "classic" to have at least a third edition and it was also translated to other languages (in fact I have the spanish one). Maybe you'll want to check or even mail the page owner...



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