Cable ACI to iPod / iPad

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Cable ACI to iPod / iPad

I am still not sure about the "right" cable for the connection from the ACI to an iPod or iPad. Is this ok for the iPod when I use a stereo cable (both sides 3 connections) or is this a problem for the iPod when the right channel is shorted to ground?

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Beware of the ACI being mono only ...

... so the answer is, no, you shoudn't do that. 


A mono connector tends to short one stereo channel to ground. This would be the "ring" on the stereo plug. "R" like "right channel".


It depends on whether the designers of the ICs in your audio source were idiots or not if this short circuit would permanently damage your signal source. If I had designed these ICs, the output amplifiers would be overcurrent and over temperature protected.


Take into account that I have imbibed a bottle of expensive red wine at the moment, so I'm more snarky than when being sober.


The irony is that I have published everything about the topic many moons ago:



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Hi Mr. Tom Owad!

Eh, that must have been an interesting post! 


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