Confirming the Death of my MDD... (?)

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Confirming the Death of my MDD... (?)

If you have followed the history , or not... I have an MDD that I was using as my main OS X file server for many things. Throughout its very reliable lifespan of just under 20 years, it has seen failures [one HDD, three PSUs (1x 360W, 2x 400W), one AGP video card] and it has seen successes, adding the second 20" Cinema Display, adding the 2x SATA cards (a Sonnet Tempo-X SATA-8 and the Sonnet Tempo-X SATA 4+4), the Harmon Kardon soundsticks with base "bubble", and then the ease of access from a secure port on my outward facing IP... Yes, Deep Space Nine has been a nice machine to have and I have more than gotten back my money on the things I have added over the years and the money I have spent on it to feed it the PSUs, it loves to burn up (but I digress)...


I was trying to circumvent buying my fourth PSU (since #3 died late last year) but I really wanted to get it back up and my mini project of building an ATX adapter (with a shunt input for the 28V line for the ADC) got tabled do to "life" and time, I did cave in and get PSU #4. Seems that the problem was not the PSU. I get the mac boot chime, I get the power button responses on both monitors (lights up to the touch and can prompt a boot of not already on), I get the red LED on the mobo, I get fans, I get "presence" lights on the SATA cards (they have their own PSU). I do NOT get fan spin on the AGP card, nor do I get video. The system does not show as being on the network when looked for by other Macs (whereas previously it was when last seen "alive and well"). I am left to presume that my Logic Board must be the issue. New batteries do not help either.


If anyone can confirm that my dear MDD is now dead could you help me be sure?


If it can be confirmed as such, I may finally be going through with my RasPi-MDD Project. I was hoping to put this off since I will have to drop some hard cash on the SATA adapters for the RasPi. I have 12 bays on one external case and 4 on a second case (all handled nicely by my old MDD. I still need to figure out the chances of recycling my ADC monitors (since I have the M8661LL/B DVI to ADC Display Adapter needed to run these. I just really hate to see the Mac mobo really be dead after such a long and useful life. :-/