Disk Drive Single Flash

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Disk Drive Single Flash

My disk drive was working fine this morning, but now it does not even spin.  The screen shows a sort of moving checkboard, but it goes to basic fine.

When I turn the computer off the disk drive light briefly flashes.  Otherwise nothing... is this more likely to be a broken drive, or a broken card?


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First of all check that Your PSU works properly by measuring voltages; does it tic tics when You power on Your Apple ? If Yes You either have a PSU fault or a short circuit.

I would first remove the controller card and test the Apple II , if it powers on regularly, turn it off,  unplug the drive from the controller card and insert it in slot 6 of Your Apple II.

Turn it on and press reset. Does it show a basic prompt?

If Yes ,  invoke Monitor with a CALL-151 command and list the drive controller prom code with a C600L command and compare it to the original code.

It it lists ok , it does not mean that the controller cars is totally ok but its a step forward.

Do these checks and report :)





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