Dot Matrix Ink for Apple Imagewriter

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Dot Matrix Ink for Apple Imagewriter

Does anyone know of a supplier for dot-matrix (USA) ink in bulk quantity (pint or quart)?

It use to be that you could go to a computer show and buy a pint of dot-matrix ink for $5.00 to re-ink your ribbons. I guess those days are gone like the 6809 and 6502.


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Re: Dot Matrix Ink for Apple Imagewriter

No, the days of the 6809 and 6502 are still here. The days of dot-matrix - yeah, they're gone.
I don't know if inkjet ink would work - but here's a pint bottle for (a little more than) $5.00:

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Re: Dot Matrix Ink for Apple Imagewriter

you can try popping the cartridge and spray some wd40 on the ribbon and the sponge reservoir.

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Re: Dot Matrix Ink for Apple Imagewriter

The ink on those ribbons is a formulation similar to that in the barrel of ball point pens, except there's an oil added that prevents evaporation while lubricating the dot matrix pins in the print head. I'm not sure of the oil type (it might be silicone) or the amount of oil added to the mix.
That's the formulation you're looking for.

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