Hello Fritter Critters,

i am trying to repair a old German serial card from manufacturer Ehring.

This serial card has a 2716 Eprom containing the firmware of the card.

I am searching for a person that owns the card and is able to readout
the content of that 2716 eprom and pass over the resulting file so that
i can compare the contents with the Eprom in the damaged card....

it seems that the content of this 2716 has been erased by sun or wrong storage...

sincerely speedyG



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Hello Fritter Critters,
I´m still searching for the Epronfile or a Dump of the Eprom from this card.
Is realy nobody out there who has such a card ?

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Sorry Speedy, I have never seen one Sad

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For better recognition here a picture of the card:



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Hello to all members,
i´m still searching for a source of that epromfile.
sincerely speedyG