Format 2nd card for RM MicroDrive

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Format 2nd card for RM MicroDrive

I want to make a 2nd formatted CF card using the RM Mirco

Looks like this should be super easy - boot the machine, run the RM utils - microdrv.setup - have the card to use inserted as drive 1.

But it just shows me I have an error drive 1 or such.

I'm using a brand new CF card, 32GB (the goal was to make a bunch of 2GB HFS partitions).

Do I need to do something different? Format the card first?




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2nd CF card

Here's a link to a document from ReActiveMicro that may be helpful.


Worst case, you can email them and get a reply in a few days or less.


Good luck!


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I struggled a little figuring

I struggled a little figuring this out last week as I got hold of the Total Replay HDV and was told it works on ReactiveMicro Drives and since i didn't want to damage the one that came with the unit i used a spare drflash card that was 512MB.  What you need to do is use the reactive tools to make a floppy disk wit the utilites on it. When you boot the utils you can partition the system with 3 32MB partitions and then write the changes.  Once done you can then use Cider Press to copy the HDV file to the partition of your choice.  What i did was use the reactive micro boot A files with the protools, all the games, etc on the first boot disk, and then copied the Total Replay hdv to partition 2.  Then i boot up the RMD system use tab to enter second bootable partition and press enter and i have total replay.  The process is the same.  create the partitions using the RMD tools on the flash drive.. i think the partitions can be done with the flash drive and floppy creation tools but I can't quite remember now as it took me about 2 hours to figure it all out and you move through the process.  But thats basically it.

Gl and if you have more questions shoot them back...

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