Franklin Ace 1200: Drives SUDDENLY stopped working.

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Franklin Ace 1200: Drives SUDDENLY stopped working.

I have what is basically a NOS Franklin Ace 1200. It has been used probably three times ficne its unboxing, and when I recently set it up, it powered on and everything worked. After leaving it off for two days, I turned it on today, and the internal Disk ][ hardware isn't registering. It drops right to the prompt as if no Disk ][ Slot 6 stuff was present.


It hasn't bee moved, or otherwise disturbed in any way in the interim.


I opened it, reseated every IC, tried again; nothing. I tried a Disk ][ card in Slot 6, but this causes it to drop to monitor, as it conflicts with the internal Disk ][ circuitry. 


Has anyone any knowledge on servicing this system? I canna imaging why the Disk ][ stuff would suddenly stop working. 


It does boot DOS with a car din slot 7, but I can't use CP/M or a number of normal programmes witth it as they all expect to run from slot 6.