Help identifying an Apple ii video card 184-42-010

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Help identifying an Apple ii video card 184-42-010

Hi all,


Just wondering. Does anyone have any information available on this video card.


I think it was made by DEC and has the number 184-42-010.

There is a chip missing at U2 and I’ve been searching online but haven’t managed to find anything except an ebay ad for the same card.


That card has a 74LS86N at that location. So I reckon that is 99% certain that is what i need to put in there.

If anyone has any info on this card, it would be great to know.




P.S. Interesting side note is the same card for sale seems to be missing a chip at U17 which in mine is a 74LS04.

Searching ebay for 184-42-010 brings up the ad if anyone is interested.


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it seem fairly obvious that

it seem fairly obvious that it is an one of dozen or so types of 80 column card for the II plus, as evident by the presence of  CRTC chip and SRAM.

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They're both VIDEX clones.

They're both VIDEX clones. The top one looks to have a hardwired composite cable, the lower has a two pin video connector (standard on clones; real VIDEX uses a 6 pin header with one pin clipped).


Goimg to note here that I love the original VIDEX, I have had bad luck with the AE Viewmaster, but the Wesper 80c card is a work of art. I have one of those in my 1979 ][+, and it may just be the best 80c ever made for the ][/][+ or clones with the ][ style back slot openings. I will need to photograph that system at some point, so that you can see for yourselves. 

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Neat cards.  They seem to

Neat cards.  

They seem to have the soft switch mounted on the board already.  I presume they'd need jumper wires to pins 8 and 9 of the 9334 on the motherboard.


Also, I see that they have a 2732 for the character generator chip.  Presumably both the main and alternate character sets are coded on the one chip.


Interesting variant.  Let us now if you get yours working.


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Thanks for the Identification

Thanks for the Identification folks. Goes to show how much I know. I thought it might have been a PAL video card or something.

Thats given me some clues for further online searches and reading. I'll clean it up, drop in that chip and see what happens.

So these things go in slot #3 is that right. Originally I thought it might have been slot #7.







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