I would like to know more about programming for GS/OS

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I would like to know more about programming for GS/OS


I am trying to reverse engineer an old game/utility called Cartooners. (You can find the project's page here: https://github.com/PeterSwinkels/Cartooners-File-Viewer) The version I am trying to reverse engineer has been ported from the Apple IIGs to MS-DOS and while obviously the machine code has been changed to work on an x86 CPU and the system calls modified to work with MS-DOS it appears however that any data structures containing imges and palettes have kept their original format. For example: the 32 byte long palettes I found use 12 bits per color where the components are organized as green, blue and red. I had to look up how graphics on the IIGs work to figure this out. I have found several blocks of data which appear to be related to dialog boxes, buttons and other GUI related stuff but have difficulty figuring these out. It is my hope that if I can find some code demonstrating or manual explaining how to create a GUI for GS/OS programs I will gain a better understanding. I have found a few manuals about assembly language and system programming on the IIGs and a few disk images that should contain source code. However these manuals contain nothing about GS/OS' GUI and I have no idea how to extract these disk images.


To make a long story short:

1. Can anyone one provide links to manuals about GS/OS GUI programming?

2. Can anyone provide a link to source code implementing a GUI? - Disk images are fine, but I will need to know how to extract these in Windows.


Thank you,

Peter Swinkels


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GS Programming

Hello Peter,

Here are some links about Apple II Gs Programming ; hope these will be useful for you :-()

GS Programmer's Home

To extract disks images under Windows OS environment, here is a fabulous Free Software made by Andy mc fadden ( CiderPress ) :


Best regards from France.


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