Mountain Hardware Expansion Chassis For Sale

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Mountain Hardware Expansion Chassis For Sale

For those interested, there is a Mountain Hardware Expansion Chassis currently listed on eBay. The item number is 161035936390. It ends on June 5th.

I have purchased from this seller several times and have always been pleased with our transactions.

One of the filter caps has to be replaced but this is an easy problem to correct. It is difficult to tell if the switching transformer broke loose from the PCB.


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Re: Mountain Hardware Expansion Chassis For Sale

Looks like #657 had some power supply modifications and repairs done.

MHC left the T1 transformer "free-floating" - probably as a cost-cutting measure. This transformer looks to be intact.

One thing we did (when we'd transfer our boxes around to other labs) was to put a dab of epoxy at the top of the "big capacitors". It changed the whole distribution of forces when the box got banged around in shipping. Made them behave as one rigid unit and less prone to breakage.

The second thing we did was wedge in dense foam around'em.

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Re: Mountain Hardware Expansion Chassis For Sale

Seen it.

Contacted the seller as he is a "Fritter Critter" to have him revise his Title because as we all have learned, this thing only works with the II and II Plus.

Steven Smile

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