That old thing for sale

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That old thing for sale

Before it goes to eBay, I'd like to offer anyone here the chance to make me an offer I can't refuse. I am in touch with a couple of collectors already, but the more people see it the better.

Apple II 1977, A2S1-2068.

It is in very good condition, the paint is shiny with very few marks.
Motherboard serial is 2340
Original Power Supply serial 2194. I think the switch was changed (?). The original power supply works, but it probably can't hold the charge to power a disk drive, so all test was done with a newer power supply. But the originsl is there, and it works.
Memory blocks modified by original owmer for 16k
And yes it workds.

It has a complete set of ram, but because a few were bad, I only set it up as 16k right now.
original 1977 Integer roms
No auto start.

All original chips (1977) included. A handfull of them had to be changed as they were either bad or suspicious, they are included. You can see them in the pic.
The keyboard is an original 1st version, works perfectly. It has a cable for a keyboard extension card that was in the machine. The card was removed (you can put it back). Youc na remove the cable for 100% authenticity

Lots of pics

Feel free to ask questions, PM me if interested

Last seen: 2 months 5 days ago
Joined: Feb 1 2013 - 00:06
Re: That old thing for sale

Sold to a well known member of the community and this forum. Glad to see that it is satying in great hands.
Got a lot of requests for thsi nice machine.

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