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pi's home

okay, I know this is not the ideal forum for this question, but I trust the advice I think I will get here over scrounging the internet and going down many wrong paths...


I need to know how to rename the share that shows on my desktop (on my Mac) .  The name of the server show on the left-hand side of my finder windows under Shared Servers once I connect to one.  But what shows on my desktop is "pi's home".  This is okay when I connect to one, but when I connect to multiple servers, I get many of these.  If I click on 'server A' in Finder, it also shows "pi's home".  While this is techniclly "correct" behavior, how can I rename these shares to be custom names?  This is true of local servers and of some I can access over the internet. 

And yes, these are my devices so I do have full control over setting on both ends, I just do not know what to do to change things.