Rasberry pi running native os

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Rasberry pi running native os

I am sure by this time many of you have heard of the credit card sized single board 35 dollar computer the raspberry pi. The one thing I am wondering is would it be possible through some method to run windows on the machine.

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Re: Rasberry pi running native os

The answer is a conditional yes.

Using DosBox or Qemu emulators it's possible to install Windows, but it will be so painfully slow as to be useless for anything useful.

You posted in another thread about how slow and problematic it was to run Windows under emulation on your Mac. On a Pi it will be much, much worse.

There are a couple distros for the Raspberry Pi specifically for retro-gaming (Chameleon and Retro-Pi), but the Pi just doesn't have the horsepower to run a lot of emulators at full speed. Better to grab a curbside Windows box for both native gaming and emulators.

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Re: Rasberry pi running native os

The title of your posting intrigued me. pi running native OS. Absolutely! There are a few examples of small user created "operating systems" running "native" on the pi.

As, for Windows? Which version of Windows? Windows RT only runs on three supported ARM devices. Sad Two of them are the wanna-be-apple Microsoft brand. Going the other way cross-assembling and compiling to the native pi you might be able to run very early versions of Windows faster than the very old computers that would have run Windows version 1 -- but why bother?

I run contain later versions of Windows within a virtual machine (VM) like Oracle Virtual Box and other virtual machines. The VM is running on Linux or Mac OS X on Intel/AMD with multiple CPUs, lots of RAM, high clock rates, and noisy fans. The other way is to run wine on Mac OS X or Linux which can work for firing up the odd .EXE program. DOSBox and other emulators are good too. But, as the previous poster commented, none of these would work very well or at all on the pi.

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