Total overhaul of AA11190 PSU in Apple /// : best caps for the task

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Total overhaul of AA11190 PSU in Apple /// : best caps for the task
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Once again my Apple ///’s Astec power supply AA11190 PSU…

Similarly as iMic with his Apple II Europlus (, I decided to completely revamp the original PSU of Apple /// and change not only ‘X’ caps but most OR all of the capacitors before I face any additional issues with extension cards/floppy drives.
I did some research and I found the below kit on offer a few years ago (seems not be available anymore):

Unfortunately, I was also unable to locate the original maker of the above kit… (see attachment for its original photo)

Maybe anyone here had carried out similar comprehensive overhaul of AA11190 and can advise me on the best specifications of the caps (max. working voltage, capacitance, temperature; and esp. lead spacing / sizing, and ESR rating) as well as their brands (Panasonics vs. Rubycons vs. Nichicon) and models (e.g. YXF/YXG others). I would like to know about your real-life tested solutions, which suited best this old Astec unit?

Final note: I want to keep the original PSU and not use any of the new ‘remake’ PSUs.