For TRADE or sale - vintage manuals

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For TRADE or sale - vintage manuals

I recently acquired several manuals from eBay, and some I don't need, they are in good shape, and want to see if anyone like to trade them for Apple //c manuals or else.
If you just want to buy them, maybe four bucks plus shipping is fair for them. Let me know what you think.
I'm looking for the first two manuals in the image: or anything related to the apple IIc.

Here is a list with a link to the image:

Apple super serial card manual$(KGrHqN,!i8E+pMfRp4hBQ!5V6UP8!~~60_12.JPG

Apple 5.25 Disk drive Manual$T2eC16ZHJFoE9nh6pNH3BQ!5WBi6bg~~60_12.JPG

Apple IIGS memory expansion card owners guide$(KGrHqNHJC8E+W+rTvmyBQ!5(KfGLw~~60_12.JPG

AppleColor RGB owners guide$T2eC16NHJGYE9noohZmvBQ!5ZFoR1g~~60_12.JPG

ImageWriter II owners manual$(KGrHqF,!qME+nqkqiLBBQ!5ZPRpJQ~~60_12.JPG

Apple Color Composite monitor owners guide and installation manuals (2)$(KGrHqN,!gsE+N3Dzv1VBQ!5ZUsTG!~~60_12.JPG