Walking down memory lane, II europlus

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Walking down memory lane, II europlus
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I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately and wanted to share some pictures of our family II EuroPlus
from memory these were a model specific to Australia and Europe, to do with the different TV signals and such.

I don't really remember much about using it as at the time it was being used I was much more into the Macs in the house.

Maybe someone with a big more knowledge can identify the cards?

Has the MicroSoft Z-80 CP/M card, two disk drive cards, not sure about the other cards and what they might or might not do.

I seem to recall some of the cards were gutted from an Apple II Clone, maybe a Franklin Ace or something similar? My memory is a bit fuzzy in that regards.

Don't really know much about Apple II's, thinking about getting back into them though, have always admired the Apple IIE Platinum model.

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Re: Walking down memory lane, II europlus


Man...That thing is loaded for Bear! lol Smile

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Re: Walking down memory lane, II europlus

hello steven,

I just went along the pictures and give some remarks to the points that i recognized....
P1010273.JPG - the plug that runs down from the languagecard ( the most top left one ) in not pluged in correct...
there is a free socket place within the marked RAM area where the cable is to be pluged in ... ( the red side of the cable should usualy indicate where pin 1 is but it seems to be pluged wrong orientation to the language card too... change the use of the plugs and make measurement from one of the RAMs on languagecard pin1 to socket pin1 and use that plug where the red marked side is after plugung in at the side of pin 1 too thereafter view the RAMchips at the board... the notches on top should all be orientated to the front where the keyboard is located and the other plug from the languagecard should be pluged in with the red marked side at the side to the front / keyboard side )...
counting the slots from language card ( that is slot 0 ) the next card in slot one is a DISK II interface and that should be pluged in stot 6 ( due to the fact that that is the default slot for the DISKII Interface... )
slot 2 is occupied by a Z80 Card.... the default slot for that card is slot 4... and due to the P1010270.jpg the slot 6 is at the moment ossupied by another Z80 card too so one of the Z80 cards is spare... you can´t use 2 Z80cards at the same time ! unplug the card in slot6 - you have to do that anyway to plugin there the DISK II Interface from slot 1 !

in the space between the powersupply ( very top and most upper left ) and the languagecard in slot 0 there is a tiny PCB-board with a chinch plug: that belongs to an 80 column card and is used to switch between the 2 video modes of the apple II 40 column / 80 column display...
pick it out from there - it just may cause a voltage shortcut and harm the system on powerup....

P1010277.JPG thats the 80 column card and the default slot for that card is slot 3 ! the white pinsocket at the upper left side is where the signal for the output of the 80 column display is located.
i´ll look for the manual of that card in .PDF Format .. give you a pm with a link to download it and you might then read the manual and see how to plug the tiny PCB-Board and the other connection of the 80 column card correct together....

P1010279.JPG from both Z80 Cards this is the better one... and it ahould be in slot4

P1010278.JPG this is another 80 column card... and i remain to the previous explenation...

P1010280.JPG thats the languagecard as explained above and it should be plug in slot 0 and then keep care to my explanations above upon the flatribbon cable !

P1010281.JPG that are 2 DISKII-interfaces ... one of them should be pluged in slot 6 ! the external apple drives are connected to this card... but (!) be aware if you plug the drives in wrong way you will instantly kill the powersupply and parts of the computer ! In normal case the pins 1 and 2 are at the frontside ( the side closer to the keyboard ) while pin 19 and 20 are located at the card backside ( closer to the backpanel of the computer !
In case of doubt you should open the 4 screws at the bottom of the drives and slip out the drive to view the cable plug in the drive itself and mark the cable at the outside close to the plug at the side that leads away from the drive itself from pin 1 !!! otherwise you´ll fry your computer !

P1010282.JPG that picture doesn´t give much to comment on unless the thin cables are displayed with better pictures where they come from...
probably the thin cables belong to a switch somewhere with the cable sonnected at the area of the CharacterROM ( s 24pin chip in the middle of row A ( white location marks on the border of the boeard ) and is used to switch between US cars ans Chars odf other language ( i.e. German at the europlus )..... in US position the screen displays at startup apple ][ and in aternate switchposition Apple ÜÄ is displayed..

the only point is the white enpty socket in the middle at top... its the socket where the plug from the languagecard is to be pluged in according to the remarks given above...
regards speedyG

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