Wildcard for sale

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Wildcard for sale

I would rather not have put this up on eBay, but these cards seem to be in high demand lately. Auction starts at 99c....


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Re: Wildcard for sale

Watching and learning...

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Re: Wildcard for sale

The amusing irony about this card for "copying" software, is that the card currently on ebay is itself a copy!!.
It was "made" by U-Microcomputers in the UK as a direct clone of the Wildcard.
I believe that predating the Wildcard was the Snapshot card that plugged into a 16K RAM card on a II or II+.
Back in the day I purchased both, they now live in a drawer somewhere in my computer room.

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Re: Wildcard for sale

I still don't have one... This time I'm going to bid for it. Smile

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