WTB: Misc Apple II peripherals

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WTB: Misc Apple II peripherals

I bought an Apple IIe about a month ago, and have been looking for certain items to go with it. I live by St. Louis so I can meetup if we're close enough, I can pay for shipping if not. 


Things I can trade

Apple IIe composite monitor. <- I have two of these, so if I ever get a Apple Color 100 monitor I'll sell the second one.



Things I'm looking for.

-AppleColor 100 monitor

-RGB addon card for the Ramworks III card

-2MEG expander addon card for Ramworks III card

-Apple Graphics Tablet with card and pen

-DuoDisk with 5.25 card

-Apple mouse interface card

-Buffered Grappler Plus <- fully populated

-ImageWriter II

-Apple High Speed SCSI card

-Apple external SCSI drive 20SC

-Unidisk 3.5 drive with 3.5 card

-Phasor sound card <- plan on just buying a clone of this.

-SSI-263  speech synthesizer chips






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I PMed you.   

I PMed you. 


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