WallStreet odditites

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WallStreet odditites

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of issues with my PowerBook WallStreet 266MHz laptop. Before when I installed OS X 10.2 on it when it was first loading, and then it got to the boot screen where it actually loads the operating system the backlight goes all the way down, and then when you get to the login screen and you hit the backlight up button and everything is normal. I know of at least one other wallstreet that does this. somebody said there was a firmware update for this problem but I cant find one. after that when I booted into OS X and I wanted to go back into 9 and got back into 9 and then when i went into startup disk it froze, and even after I reformatted the hard drive I went into startup disk and it still freezes. and also I noticed after I reformatted the HD I installed iTunes 2.0 in os 9.2.1 and when each track plays it either doesnt play at all or it plays for a few seconds and stops and each track does not seem to play for more than 4 seconds at a time. but I noticed by accident if i held down he mouse on one of the menus it keeps playing until you let go of the mouse. it even does this in apple cd audio player. also for some reason i cant import music in iTunes. if anybody could help me with any of these problems at all your help would be greatly appriecated

Thanks in advance,
Mr. Goodbytes