lcd v. dlp projectors

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lcd v. dlp projectors

ok, so far you have read me ask about things similar in nature about display and wireless networking, but now my boss wants to know if there is a differences between dlp and lcd projectors. of course i have no clue, but hope that someone hear does. right now we are testing an xga epson 76c. now the problem we face is the pixel grid that is inherent in the display whatnots of the projector. i think an lcd projector with a native resolution higher than 1024x768 will help reduce the grid. but the ones seen so far are way out of price reach. boss-man has discovered listings for dlp projectors. whosywhtsis...i dont know the difference.

anyone out there with projector knowledge? this is to display portraits, so detail is the most important. cost is very important too.

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Discussion of the technical difference between the two:

To cut to the chase, an LCD projector works something like an old overhead transparency projector: A bright light shines *through* the picture-generating elements which selectively block or tint the light various colors. DLP projectors, on the other hand, *bounce* light off a DLP chip which is essentially a grid of tiny little mirrors. Color (on cheap projectors) is supplied by tinting it with a spinning "color wheel" and timing the reflection cycle of each pixel so it's only lit when it's the "right" color.

Anyway, for displaying photographs the general consensus seems to be that at a given resolution DLP will give more satisfactory results. LCDs have distinct "lines" between each pixel element which give that "screendoor" effect when the picture is blown up by the projector. DLP picture elements are much closer spaced, and the reflection *bounce* tend to obscure the line entirely.

The downside of DLP is that color accuracy is often poor compared to LCD, although how much that matters to you depends on the application.

Just for the record, I *was* going to buy a DLP projection television last year, but finally when push came to shove I decided on an LCD-based Sony because it had a superior "picture engine" (scaler and whatnot) to any DLP I compared it to. Thanks to that it's picture just plain "looked better", despite the TV using technically slighly inferior (for the application) projection technology.

I'd recommend finding a store that'll let you try a DLP out and see what you think. You can't expect the world for a cheap projector, just make sure the boss man knows that. There's are reasons home-theater projectors cost four times as much as the little portable "presentation" variety.


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