Apple // game server

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Apple // game server

just passing this along

Apple // Game Server

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What A Great Idea!

I've been searching for a use for that fairly high end PC that I've neglected for my Apples!
Think about it... why run an Apple // emulator on your $2000 PC laptop when instead you can use it as storage for your $5 (give or take) vintage Apple?
We could even take this full circle, in some strange way. Run the Apple's video into an AV card/dongle/port. Oh, the possibilities!


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im gonna take a guess and say

im gonna take a guess and say your being sarcastic

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has anyone gotten this to wor

has anyone gotten this to work with a pc running XP home, and an apple iie platinum with a ssc II?

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sorry for the necropost, but

sorry for the necropost, but I just got my Platinum IIe, it has a SSC in it, and I changed the DIPs on the card to the highest speed setting. I am using a Belkin USB PDA adapter, but Windows XP sees it as COM10 (WTF?!). However, when I type in the command they provide on the getting started page (running version 2.0 not 1.0), and I keep getting a "exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" error.

I also tried resetting the DIPs to default, and managed to get SOMETHING in hyperterminal, after following the telcom FAQ. I tried sending it the readme file for the A2GS at 300 baud, and I got the TX transfer light, and every 5 seconds or so, I got 5 beeps from the Apple II, and a \, and it would cut to the next line. This would go on until I terminated the connection in hyperterminal.

BTW, the SSC is in slot 2. When the default DIPs are selected, after typing IN#2 on the apple II, I can not type contol+A on the II and get the Apple SSC prompt to type 2S.

Any ideas? I am new to the Apple II, java, and even the hyperterminal.

-digital Wink

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