msdos clone for apple2

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msdos clone for apple2


i'm looking vor an msdos clone for apple2.
does it exist, and is there a way to expand the apple's memory,
in a way that a msdos clone will run on it... ?
if theres a way to expand the apples memory so large (a few megabytes??) , that msdos will run,
i might start a project that simulates msdos

thanks in advance,


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Not That Easy

The Apple ][ line used a totally different architecture built around an 8-bit chip, the 6502. The first IBM PC's used a totally different CPU, the 8088, essentially a dumbed down 8-bit version of the 8086. So, no, the Apple ][ itself cannot run MS-DOS. But wait... there's more! A solution did present itself in the form of the PC Transporter Card from Applied Engineering, essentially a fully functional IBM PC clone on a card that slaved (or was slaved by) the Apple ][. It even had its own RAM (which the Apple ][ could make use of, I believe. Verify me?) You can out more about it here. So, yes there is a solution.
Now for the bad news. Those cards are getting plenty scarce these days. When they pop up on eBay, their prices soar (like a leaf on the wind... sorry, an allusion to "Serenity"). They do appear there, though. Just be prepared to dig deep.


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