Mac Coolectables PB190cs, Inside Macintosh, etc...

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Mac Coolectables PB190cs, Inside Macintosh, etc...

Powerbook 190cs66:
33mhz 68040
Battery hold a charge for very little time.
2x Power adapters
Color Display
Ethernet PC card
Modem PC Card

Finale 98, opened, CD-ROM, Manual, and packaging
Alsoft Master Juggler, opened (Floppy, packageing & manual) Requires System 5.0+, 512KE, Plus,SE, SE/30, II, IIx
MacGAMUT 3.5, unopened, music software
PowerStation v.2.3, unopened (800K disk drive required)
Quickkeys (keyboard enhancer), opened, Floppy, manual, packaging, and unused keyboard stickers.

Inside Macintosh Vol. 1
Inside Macintosh Vol. 2
Inside Macintosh Vol. 3
Inside Macintosh Vol. 4 (Supplements for Mac Plus and 512KE Macs)
Inside Macintosh Vol. 5 (Supplements for Mac SE and Mac II)
Inside Macintosh Vol. 6 (Supplements for System 7)
Word 5.1 Companion (Microsoft Press)

While I will entertain offers of $$$, I would really rather trade stuff for Apple II items.