Browser cuts off left side - redux

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Browser cuts off left side - redux

In a blinding moment of clarity that I cannot explain in few words, I suddenly fiured out why I was having problems seeing the left side of many webpages I went to...

You see, I am running OS 9.2.2 on a Blueberry iBook. I am trapped at a resolution no greater than 800x600. I recall when I used to work with an application that had a web client and I recall that we had to set the parameters so that it would properly display on the monitors/systems with the lowest resolution. This is when it hit me that I must be visiting pages where the webmasters expect a resolution greater than what I can obtain. It is not a problem with my browser or my machine, but the solution may be there.

Is there some kind of stylesheet or some setting I can point to that tells my browser to scale down the webpage for a 800/600 resolution? I am running the latest (hacked) version of Mozilla on 9.2.2.

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