old SE30's/Color Classic,, all dead as doornails... wazzup?

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old SE30's/Color Classic,, all dead as doornails... wazzup?

Hey there:

Newbie on here. Thanx for receiving me.

I have the above and they're all dead... the 2 SE30's and the Color Classic. The reason I have to resurrect them is because I have an old Xante Accela-Writer 8100 tabloid printer that is worth using and I can run it from these, hopefully as a print server via OSX later.

Of course I would rather run the printer directly on newer macs, but the Xante/the printer company doesn't have drivers, so I'm limited to pre OSX and appletalk at this point. BTW, I doI have all the gizmos including the keyspan serial to USB, the Asante talk serial thingie, and the use of an old iMac that still runs OS 8.

Right now all I want to do is somehow make these old SE30's and a Mac Color Classic actually fire up. They are completely dead.

I tried to fix the youngest of these, the C Classic with a PRAM battery, but still nothing.

I wonder if the power supplies all simply die forever after a specific period of time.

I still have the old serial keyboards, mice, etc...

Sad girls all of these. I remember that I actually paid $6500 for one of these SE30's and that was before I upped it to 8 megs of RAM for $800 each.


Thanks in advance for any advice to get these girls running again...

BTW, I don't think it's the batteries. I'm going to take them all apart in the next few days via long torx etc. and who knows.

Regards you all,

Ray Swanson

Vancouver, Canada

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Old SE30's


I'm usually not a Mac guy, but I would check the power supply fuses.
I've had some problems with them in the Apple II power supplies. The only problem there is trying to find replacements. lol

Best Regards

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I've had the experience with

I've had the experience with a few PC's that the machine has to be plugged in for awhile before it will power on. They won't start right after plugging them to the outlet. I have to let them sit overnight with it plugged into the wall. Haven't had that problem with Macs, though. I found a Sony Vaio 2.4Ghz P4 someone was throwing away and that was the problem. I simply leave it plugged in all the time and it works fine, which I don't do with a lot of my Macs. If I unplug it for any great length of time, it won't start, just as if the PSU is dead, and I have to wait again with it plugged back in, then it'll power up.

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Fixing old Macs

Go through the Macs and replace all the electrolytic power supply capacitors. Make sure the ones you replace are "high frequency", so that they'll work with the switching power supplies. After you've replaced the caps (which may well fix the computers by themselves), you can go from there.

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