Sony ICD-P17 voice recorder

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Sony ICD-P17 voice recorder

I picked this up a couple weeks ago but just haven't used it as much as I thought I would. It's an integrated-circuit voice recorder that can hold over 400 minutes of audio. Includes mic in and headphone out jacks, in addition to a built-in mic and speaker. The thing's tiny; it's about the length of a Pro Mouse and half as wide and thick. Takes two AAA batteries, and the kicker is that it's USB compatible. You can hook it up to a PC (for whatever reason Sony hasn't released the software for the Mac) and transfer the voice recordings via USB. I don't have the original packaging, but all the manuals, the USB cable, and the software CD-ROM is in perfect shape. Asking $50, and I'll include free shipping to anywhere in the continental USA. Send me a PM or email me at