Two Apple IIc Monitors Small Green Displays , too a good home!

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Two Apple IIc Monitors Small Green Displays , too a good home!

hey guys , I have two apple IIc monitors , the small green ones , they need a good
home , so if you know of anyone that would like one or both , just pay the shipping
let me know , I have already got rid of a bunch of old apple II parts because I don't
need them anymore :O( plus I don't want to see these monitors end in a land fill....

they show normal wear as far as their ages are concerned , but have good displays..


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hello,I don't know these what

hello,I don't know these what kind of monitor are??u mean small and it can portable??
that is my interest.I introduce myself .I am taiwan's apple II and macintosh collector.such as these special will catch my eyes and stock on it.but I don't know how cost shipping to taiwan???can u tell me???and do u agree shipping out to asia???thx???

do u use paypal???

hello do u have apple II c I mean built in 5.25 disk drive.this one I look for it so long.if someone can provide me for collecte.I will appreciate for his kindness.

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