damn old packard bell

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damn old packard bell

i got an old packard bell, cool huh. well i want to install 95b on the damn thing and i got no clues on how im supposed to go about it. i cant get it to boot from cd rom. ive seen articles in here about this but dont quite know how to go about this, could someone please help

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Step 1: Remove CD from the co

Step 1: Remove CD from the computer.
Step 2: Power down the computer.
Step 3: Disconnect all cables from the computer.
Step 4: Throw computer into closest trash receptacle.
Step 5: Get new computer.

Packard Bell = teh suxors.

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I know!

Dont be cruel Dr. Webster!!

1) Get a boot disk from www.bootdisk.com (the windows 98se one works best)
2) let it boot with cd support (theres an option)
3) type in: format c:, then press enter
4) type y, then press enter
5) When its finished, type in a hard drive name or leave it blank and press enter.
6) type: d:, press enter
7) type: setup and press enter.
Dirol Then set up windows as usual.

Hope it works!!


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I got two old PCs one with a

I got two old PCs one with a Cyrix 300 and one with a 233 MHz AMD K6. In both cases Installing W95 and also W98SE is a sea of trouble. Intalling is no problem but when it boots the first time from the C drive it cant find the CD drive and thus not install a lot of cab files were various drivers are.

I am pretty close to throwing them out. Browsed Samsung web site for old CD drivers but there was nothing. there must be a way to get the generic CD drivers from the boot floppy to the C drive and then hack the config files somewere. It feels like back in DOS 2.11 and Word Perfect days...

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Getting to system files

When I set up Windows 9x, I usually make the folder C:\Windows\Options\Cabs, then copy the files from the CD under the Win95/Win98 folder to the one I make. Then I'll install from the folder I made. It allows you to have all needed files on the hard disk, preventing Windows from repeatedly asking you for the CD. It take 100+ MB to do it, but it's worth it for me just for the time savings.

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