New eMac!

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New eMac!

Hey I just thought I'd let everyone know I just ordered a new Combo-drive eMac from Apple! I'll let everyone know how well it runs once it gets here!

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woohoo! sweet. Im thinking o

woohoo! sweet. Im thinking of going with an emac instead of my imac 15", and buying an ipod to go with it.

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eMac plague spreads...

Oh I can't wait for this... make sure you give us every little detail! Wink

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Awesome dude... tho my PowerB

Awesome dude... tho my PowerBook kicks just as well Acute

For those who dont' know (since I may as well have been dead cause I wasn't posting for a while), I sold the iBook G4 and bought a 12" PB G4... 1 GHz. Wallstreet keeps saying how his eMac will be faster and all (mine arrived Friday), but for picking up the ladies, you gotta have a PB! ::)

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Powerbook...or not.

I don't know about picking up the ladies with a Powerbook. My 12" iBook (1.07 GHz) seems to do just fine. It might be the Woz sig on the bottom though...

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I love the eMac mobo

Any one hacking with this?

It's so tiny! I want to stick it in that old CD-SC that fits under the compact macs, along with a slot loading superdrive. The monitor from the Apple IIc fits on top nicely, and it looks like a desktop for a pixie. Some details to work out, like, how to get modern video to work with a composite connection, and others... heat, power, etc)

Or put it in an ANS with a kazillion firewire drives in a RAID.


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