Macintosh Classic II "Very Moody"

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Macintosh Classic II "Very Moody"

I have a Macintosh classic II ,this is the 3rd mother board i buy from Ebay for it, and i have the same problem. when i turn it onn, it does the BOONGG sound and then a music peace, a short Boong ding boong i think, then a blank screen , no Mac, no mouse and stays like that.
Sometimes it boots up ok, sometimes it gives me blocks of black and white.
I took off the memory the rom, i cleaned, I sanded .put alcohol ,Qtips cleaning , with the Soder gun i zapped most of the connections , just to make sure they all have a good connection. its still the same .
The section for the Mac SE, doesnt cut it for me here,it doesnt apply . anyone have a similar problem ,or know of one and a fix for it please.

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Bad Memory

The "music piece, a short Boong ding boong" is better known as the Death Chimes. It's usually an indication of bad memory. Either a bad memory module or improperly inserted module. Easiest way to figure it out is to open it up, pull them out, and put them back in, but make sure they get seated properly.

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i'd reccomend reseating the m

i'd reccomend reseating the memory and any cards you may have in there. It's also time to let one of the admins clear up the murky waters of working near a CRT.

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Oh! Ideal Setup!

This is an ideal setup to dredge up a couple of articles that The 'Fritter published on CRTs.

First Doc Webster put out this Q/A in his "Quick And Dirty Applefritter FAQ"

Q. Is it okay if I work on the inside of a compact Mac or monitor without discharging the CRT?

A. NO. Discharge every CRT you have to work around or on, regardless if it has a bleeder resistor or what other Forum members tell you. Some say it doesn't matter, and the second you take their attitude, you take your own life in your hands. Discharge it. Don't be an idiot.

In next weeks article, he threw in a response due to a large amount of mail he'd gotten on the subject:

Q. Hey, I disagree with your last article about discharging CRTs. I think it's perfectly safe to work around a high-voltage device that can kill you. In fact, I stick forks in electrical sockets all the time?

A. All right, fine. I concede. I got too fricking much email about that article. So go ahead and work on your compact Mac without discharging the CRT. I don't care any more. Do me one favor, though: do all of your Mac hacking before having children. Okay?

Q. Why?

A. So when you get that fatal jolt you won't have reproduced, thus keeping your genes from further contaminating the human gene pool.

Then the next week, we got an article from a Professor at Stanford University, so Thomas Lee guest authors Doc's article for the week. He gave us a scientific view of CRT discharge, especially relating to Compact Macs.:

Check it out. It's worth the read.

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Reaplace the Analog board.

Reaplace the Analog board.

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