Swapping Drives Between Computers - Mac and SGI

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Swapping Drives Between Computers - Mac and SGI

I just bought an SGI Octane2 off ebay and I need to setup some kind of external storage that will let me move drives between the Octane and my Radius 81/110 (basicly an 8100). The Octane is going to be my DV machine, the Radius with a VideoVision Telecast setup will be for analog work.

I want to get a dual-layer DVD-burner and Firewire looks like my best bet there - the Octane's internal drive bays have SCSI SCA2 connectors and i highly doubt that a SCSI-IDE bridge and a 80-pin adapter would fit. I don't plan on moving the DVD-burner to the Radius. But I would like to setup a two to four disk RAID that could serve as the capture drive for both machines.

SCSI is the only interface the two machines share. I'm sticking with SCSI for the main system drives, but I'd like to go with cheaper ATA/133 drives for the capture drive. Can you put two ATA drives (Master/Slave) on one SCSI-IDE bridge?

Any other suggestions before I start buying? I don't think I'll be able to capture over the network though that would make things easier. Whats the speed of the ethernet on Macs with AAUI connections? 10Mbps?

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