Ultimate Apple ][e?

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EPROM burner

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"Towerized" IIe

Woogie and all,

I am also interested in the "Towerized" IIe conversion. I have been cosidering transfering the motherboard, and all of the goodies to a small Compaq Tower case, but was not sure what to do about the keyboard. The one thing you could do would be to cut the IIe case just behind the keyboard, do some surgical work on it (to enclose the keyboard)and run a longer ribbon cable to the mb connection.

Also, I too am on a quest to build the "Ultimate IIe". So far I'm running an enhanced IIe mother board, a combination RGB/80 Col card in the big slot, an ASL SpintDisk with 1Meg in Slot 1, Slots 2 and 3 are empty right now, Slot 4 is a Super Serial Card II set up for an ImageWriter II, Slot 5 is empty, Slot 6 has one of Ritchie's CFFA Cards with a 64Meg Disk installed, and Slot 7 has a 5.25 Disk Controller card for the Dual 5.25 Disk Drive. I have bought several Liron 3.5" Controller cards for my disk drives, but for some reason they currently do not function.
I also have a System Saver hooked up to handle heat.

It is an ongoing love affair. lol


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