macmame sux!

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macmame sux!

hey, doin a great job here guys

i recently downloaded macmame, followed the instructions and got it fired up. From macmame site i then got a sample game to try, and got that working.
I have now moved on to downloading games from, but can never seem to get the games to work. At best i can get the games to appear in the macmame list, but when i go to load the game, a box appears saying its loading the rom files, but then says it couldnt find the right files to run the game.


im looking forward to playing arcade games such as the street fighters and mortal kombats, but im gettin frustrated at this problem. do i need a support file of sum sort? i have no idea.

if anyone out there can help me id be stoked!

thanks again guys


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Many MAME games depend on BIO

Many MAME games depend on BIOS ROM images stored in a seperate .zip file. (Quite a few arcade game cabinets use standardized hardware platforms, and the MAME community has decided it'd be a waste to package the duplicate ROMs with *every* game.) If running a game produces an error like you're describing then you need to find and download those items as well. Often you'll need to download another game that uses the same hardware, rather then something that's explicitly a BIOS image.


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