Has anyone ever used an upgrade service?

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Has anyone ever used an upgrade service?

Hello all!

I am trying to get information from those who might have done this. I am considering having my hard drive and optical drive upgraded by either TechRestore or PowerbookResQ. Has anyone ever used either of these companies, or a company like them? They both offer the same type of service--pickup, upgrade and return of your laptop in a seventy-two hour period. I am just wanting some "real world" experiences so that I know whether these companies are trustworthy or not.

Anyway, thanks everyone!

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IIRC PBResQ ande MacResQ are

IIRC PBResQ ande MacResQ are local to me. I've never used them but I did hear some stuff about them merging with another repair company outta CA a couple years ago. I've not heard bad things about them, and as a local company I woulod probably hear bad things from other local Mac users, I'd think.

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