Multimeter Test Leads Comparison Review: Probe Master, Fluke, Kaiweets

I recently purchased Probe Master test leads to replace the cheap leads I was using with my Keithley 175. I couldn't decide between the 8000 and 9000 series, so I bought both to compare and review. When Kaiweets asked about us reviewing their soldering iron, I asked them to send some test leads too, so I could include them here. I then asked six other test lead manufacturers if they wanted to send loaners for inclusion in this comparison. None were interested, so I've just included what I have.

Test leads in this comparison are:

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Custom Enclosure - Floppy Emu - Source Files

PTB has released all source files for his Floppy Emu ][ under the Creative Commons Attribution- ShareAlike license.


MII: New IIe open source emulator, mine this time!

Monochrome Double-Hi res

This has to be the worst case of feature creep in history, I wanted to hack an emulator for one specific project (Testing a Dan ][ card tool!) and couldn't find something I liked enough -- so, I wrote my own! So here it is, MIT licence. Tons of stuff work, a few bits needs work, but it's perfectly usable as is already!

Funny thing is, I haven't even started writing the Dan][ tool I wanted, but I no longer have an excuse now -- procastination at it's best!



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