A couple games for Apple EPROM Interface Card

Hi guys! A small addition to the Apple EPROM Interface Card

I added a couple more machine language games: the cool Codebraker Uncle Bernie that made a lot of noise a couple years ago (with the author's permission) and Microchess Peter Jennings. Now that's 10 programs and games, which is pretty good for a 3-part card.


I wanted to post this as usual on April 1st on Apple's birthday, but unfortunately I was sick all last week and didn't have time to do anything. But as they say, better late than never. I hope you like it.



Created a simple Apple I emulator


I spent the last few weeks just tinkering around and having fun, and I ended up making a (somewhat) working Apple I emulator!

Even if it's a little rough around the edges (I don't think BCD works that well, it's not cycle accurate, and no cassette loading), I'm quite proud of it.

https://github.com/balt-dev/appleone (mirror)

It runs in the terminal using a minimal TUI.

Here's a few screenshots:


INFOCOM Spellbreaker

Infocom Printware - Spellbreaker.pdf


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