The first working(-ish) homemade MMU

Back in early march, I dug out my old Apple IIe computer from my parents's garage. That was a fantastic find and I wanted to play again all those games from my childhood. Unfortunately, the computer did not power on. While searching on the internet, I was sidetracked while reading on the MMU and IOU and their lack of replacements. And then I foolishly though that attempting to re-create the MMU and the IOU with a FPGA would be a good idea. Surely, it can't be that hard...

Quick ref: Pass arguments to machine code from the Monitor

When calling a machine code subroutine from the Monitor, one or two additional arguments can be passed by taking advantage of the way the Monitor uses delimiters to parse arguments from its command-line and stores them in the zero-page pointers A1, A2, A3, an arbitrarily-strange order:
  • The default argument is always the subroutine address, stored in A1.
  • Appending a '.' delimiter allows another argument to be stored in A2.
  • Inserting a '<' delimiter allows an argument to be stored in A4.

Apple pascal poster, remade

It's been a while since I've been around the fritter :). I figure this is the most likely forum here for this. Over the long weekend I dove into this recreation of the 1979 apple pascal poster. I aimed to keep the slightly hand-drawn feel to it.

The PDF is at the size I found mentioned on an auction of the original, and will print nicely at any local print shop, likely. It's an illustrator-editable pdf, as well as an svg, all text outlined. Do with it what you need, and enjoy!




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