SetTop475 Revisited

Looks like I might just have a new mod on the way! Biggrin Somebody is selling me a STB case with PSU, a LC II mobo and a HD, soon to be built into an MP3 player for my living room. I think this one might just work.

Aamber Pegasus

I've got sitting here next to me a very mysterious piece of hardware. An Aamber Pegasus.

The Aamber Pegasus was the first computer to be sold (& designed) in NZ in kit form. It is based around the Motorola MC6809 CPU. My machine runs Forth and some kind of "Monitor" program. I have the keyboard, the CPU board, an RF modulator and what I assume are connectors for connecting to a tape drive.

OS X Question

You know that cool little scroll thing the wireless icon does on the top bar? Anybody know how to make it keep displaying the ssid of the network you are connected to? I think that would be really cool.


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