Yellow Dog Linux on PPCs?

I've got a few old pre G# PPcs laying around that I hate to toss, but they're just too slow for anything practical. Been thinking of converting them to Linux boxes and setting up a small cluster--anyone know anything about setting up YellowDog on PPC 9500s? Is it any easier than the other variants for Mac (Mandrake, RedHat, etc)?


9500 and 100base-T upgrage?

I have a PowerMac 9500, and although it's a reiable workhorse (with a dual processor 200MHz 604e upgrade card) it is REALLY slow on the internet. I've got a cable modem, and although the speeds are all over the place (depending on time and day), even when I get fast speeds on the modem, my mac just slugs along. I know the built-in ethernet is 10base-T, so I bought a D-Link 10/100base-T PCI card, and after downloading the MAc install drivers from their website, put it in and installed it. But my poor old 9500 doesn't seem to be much faster, and according to my switch, isn't connecting at 100, but still at 10 speed...


Palm OS freeware

Anyone know where to get a good(ish?) freeware Palm OS word processing program? Just got a Tungsten E, and I can find everything BUT word processing. (please nobody comment on the uselessness of Palm


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