Laserwriter Pro 630_Lights go crazy/not recognized

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Laserwriter Pro 630_Lights go crazy/not recognized

Hi, I am new here, and I have a big problem with my quite old Laserwriter Pro 630 printer.

I will go into great detail here. The following things happen in this order when I switch the printer on:

1. all 4 lights on (sounds like it is trying to print something)
2. toner/jam lights fast and dim flickering/blinking, can barely see it
3. power/toner/jam on (printing sound stops)
4. toner/jam on
5. power/toner/cassette on
6. all 4 lights on (printing sound on)
7. toner/jam lights fast and dim flickering/blinking, can barely see it (printing sound stops)
8. power blinking like when it's printing
9. only power on

During startup of the printer, _nothing_ is printed, just the sound of printing starts and stops like described. (don't know if the normal startup page is turned off in printer''s internal settings)

Info on printer: lights from left to right: power, toner, cassette, jam

I have the printer connected via Centronics-2-USB Cable to my PC with Windows 7 (i know this is a Mac forum). The printer is not recognized. The same was with XP. But some months ago, the printer was recognized and could be used fairly normally to print things in XP with the same cable (plug and play). So it is the printer itsself that is not functioning.

I looked at this: but I have no idea if this is the problem that i am having. Although I do have toner/jam lights blinking. Maybe someone can tell me exactly what my printer needs Smile

The problem with all these repair kits is: I live in Germany Smile

I would be VERY grateful for any answers you may give to this topic Smile

Please help.

Thank you,

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I Believe.....


I believe you answered your own question when you said "Windows 7".

Your current drivers for your printer may not function with "7".

Good Luck.

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