Truely awsome F8 Non-Autostart Rom!

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Truely awsome F8 Non-Autostart Rom!

Here's an interesting F8 Non-Autostart ROM , this rom was created by a friend of mine ,

back in the day , this rom was used for peeking into programs , and ofcourse obvious -

reasons.... It burns to a 2716 EPROM , depending upon which model II+ you have , you may

need a socket that is wired , connected to the Eprom , so that the II+ will accept the rom.

Below is a bit of info on the rom , I think it's cool that you can add the features of a non

autostart rom to a II+ :O)

=-> Freeze's F-8 ROM A PPG release <-=

The Freeze's F-8 ROM is a modified F-8
rom that has several added features.

-Old Monitor Reset
-Step and Trace modes
-Disassembly with ASCII
-Disassembly with Binary in #Mode
-Better sounding bell!

These advanced features make Monitor
programming and Cracking much easier.

There are two ways you can use this
program. Either load it into the RAM
Card using the FREEZE.INSTALL program.
The other way is to burn it onto a
2716 EPROM (Schematics later).

The only thing that really need an
explanation is the disassembly. In the
disassembly, it displays the ASCII
value of the byte to the right. The
binary numbers on the far right are
displayed when an instruction on the
accumulator in immediate mode is

2716 Schematics

I would suggest that you do these
modifications to a socket rather than
directly to the chip...

First, cut off pins 21 and 18.
Connect pins 12 and 18
Connect pins 21 and 24


if anyone is interested in the rom image , let me know , I also know that this rom works
with Apple 2 Oasis emulator.

I'l follow up with another interesting ROM for the II+ that adds extra characters for your
II+ , which was created by some folks from the famous PigSty BBS. The great thing about this
rom is that it connects under your keyboard in your II+ and does NOT require any special socket!

That's it!


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Dragging up a very old thread

Dragging up a very old thread here, but I'm compiling ROM's for ROM X and have 3 different versions of The Freeze's non-autostart ROM. There is a V1, a V2 and another that has a generic file name - the binaries are all different though. Anyone know which was the last version that he did, or whether there is a particular version that is The One?

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That one's going to be tuff to determine

What is the generic filename?

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So I have : Apple II+ -

So I have :


Apple II+ - Freeze's Integer BASIC Non-Autostart F800 v1 - 2716.bin

Apple II+ - Freeze's Integer BASIC Non-Autostart F800 v2 - 2716.bin





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