Macintosh 400K Floppy drive

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Macintosh 400K Floppy drive


I picked up 2 400K Floppies for a steal because they "were not working". I took a chance that the only reason they weren't was they were all "gunked up" (Technical term. Smile )

Well I was right on the one and "degunked" (another technical term) it and it is working better than new.

The second one I did some troubleshooting on and it has a burnt out drive motor (the motor that spins the disk).

My question is, is there a way to use the motors from any other floppy (say the 800K Sony) or am I stuck to relegating this to parts? I doubt this motor is still being made today and broken 400K floppies come up on eBay very infrequently.

Any help would be appreciated.

and No it's not just stuck, its fried. I can smell the remnents of the burning electronics in the motor and I swapped out all the other parts with a working drive and they all work so it is the drive motor.


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Re: Macintosh 400K Floppy drive



Well; I can tell you what I would do.

1. I would remove the motor.
2. I would get the Part Number.
3. I would go to the Jameco (or other electronics company of your choice) catalog and see if they have one (or a substitute)for
a reasonable price.
4. Buy, Install, and test.
5. Voila! (that's one of them French words)

Steven Smile

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