My Herd

To keep track of what I have up and running (and to keep tabs on each build) I have a running list of my systems. Every Mac is special and has a name. Laptops are named after starships, desktops after space stations, wifi hubs after stars, hard drives after planets, media after moons, handheld devices after ...handheld devices.


=== Class ===+== Name ===+== Notes ===================================
AirPort (M8799LL/A)|Sol|A model A1034 (flying saucer) AP Extreme (with 56k modem). Network is Terran System.
AirPort (M8930LL/A)|Proxima Centauri|A model A1034 (flying saucer) AP Extreme. Network is Alpha Centauri.
AirPort|Betelgeuse|A 3TB Time Capsule. Network is Orion-Cygnus Arm.
Desktop|Deep Space Nine|A Quicksilver (MDD), named for its curved handles and desk-space proximity to Defiant.
Desktop|Connie|I know, not a space station's name, but this upgraded PM 8600/G3 500 (Kansas) pre-dates my conventions and is still my flagship. It is named after the feedback character used by SpeakableItems.
Desktop|Jenga|Another system pre-dating my naming convention, this Mac Clone is named after Jenga Fett, the father of all Clones! - spec are forthcoming.
Desktop|K-7|K-7 is my main dektop for working from home at my jobsite location. The purpose of this blog is to document my configuration for reference and troubleshooting purposes.
Laptop|Enterprise D|A 17" Santa Rosa, currently has a mobo in need of replacement...
Laptop|Voyager|A D2, currently my go-to laptop.
Laptop|Enterprise A|A solid Pismo currently serving as a system for my garage workbench. The hard drive on this machine consists of 4x 64GB Micro SD Cards in dual port CF Adapters, plugged into a CF-IDE adapter, configured as a mirrored RAID volume.
Laptop|Enterprise|A solid PDQ for my Newton.  Its running 9.2.2 on a 500MHz PPC G4 with 512MB RAM.
Laptop| yet unnamed...|An eMate 300
Other|Reliant|A Classic Mac OS running on a Raspberry Pi - specs forthcoming.
Other| yet unnamed...|An under-development MagicMirror instance running on a Raspberry Pi - specs forthcoming.
Other| yet unnamed...|A failed attempt at Einstein running on a Raspberry Pi. Need to try again from scratch - later, when my Linuxing skills grow a bit.
Other|Strawberry Milkshake|A 2GB iPod Shuffle (Wheel) named for an obscure reference to an even more obscure sci-fi short whose title I can not recall...
Handheld|H2G2 - PE|iPhone 6. Named for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Pocket Edition - specs forthcoming.
Handheld|H2G2 - QRG|A gold, 16GB iPhone 5s. Named for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Quick Reference Guide. Serves as the 'living room iPod' with my Bose SoundDock XT
Handheld|Communicator|iPhone 3, 8GB. Like an STOS Communicator, it has a stylish silver front - specs forthcoming.
Handheld| yet unnamed...|a Newton MP2100
Handheld| yet unnamed...|a Newton MP100


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I think the eMate is Danube class.