RIP Chuck Peddle: Father of the 6502

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RIP Chuck Peddle: Father of the 6502

Sad news - only saw it now: Chuck Peddle, the "father" of the 6502 CPU, has died:


With his idea to create an "ultra-low-cost" 8-bit CPU (for only $25), creating a whole new market for personal/low-cost computers and the business of mass-producing CPUs, he has certainly permanently changed the world - for the better!


So, switch on your Apple //s (and ///s) and make "his" 6502 spin for a few extra cycles in his memory!



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RIP indeed

RIP indeed


Fired up all my 6502's today. from Apple, Commodore and Acorn

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He also brought us the KIM 1

He also brought us the KIM 1 and then the PET, among the earliest of the early microcomputers. There's a great tribute from Bil "C128" Herd over on Hackaday here

The number of machines that wouldn't exist without the 6502 is immense! Apple 8 bit, Commodore 8 bit, Atari 8 bit, the Atari VCS, 5200 and 7800. The Nintendo Famicom. Even the Super Nintendo used a 6502 derivative.

Raising a glass to him right now.


John "Cheshire Noir" Parker

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