What is your idea of a good website?

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What is your idea of a good website?

Generally i've been struggling to find a good website design, for quite some time as well. I've been testing and modding for a while, and have come up with a type of design.


(Should be the first design you see on that site)

What do you think of the design, and what would you do to improve it?

It's basically a mix of graphics engineering, heavy planning and programming (codenamed MFKernel) and the use of a public
theme called "phpBB Portal".


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Seems the browser and orientation went kind of strange, excuse the layout of my above

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How Not To Design A Website

This is a good example of what to avoid...

Estes Rockets

...and this is after a redesign. The older website was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the worse websites I'd ever seen (mostly due to "mystery navigation").
A good website should be minimal on the Flash, sounds, animation, et cetera, and high on content. Ask yourself... what do you want visitors to get?
A great site for what to avoid and basic web design...

Web Pages That Suck


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Some things that can be improved

The bar at the top is too big and spread out. I'd use an image that's no higher than 120 pixels. Also, have the 'MacForum' and all the other text be on the same side as the logo. All the text and the logo should be on the same side the side navigation menu is.
I wouldn't use an OS X folder to show forum catagories. It's just not very original, and it doesn't blend with the design very well.
The link colour doesn't contrast enough with the background.
The mix of solids and gradients looks bad on the forum navigation. Personally, I'd just use solids.

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I think Wikipedia probably ha

I think Wikipedia probably has one of the nicest designs. It's simple and intuitive. The only flaw is the difficulty in wandering around through the subject headers.

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I know what you mean

I have a site to that I just changen the look on www.awns.co.nr (man I love my site)it is inportant to have a good look or no one will come there I like your look mine is toned down a bit but it look cool
you shoud check it out now I just need more users

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